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Identité is my upcoming fashion line. It is going to be very different with a hint of a French fashions.

I am considering giving my magazine Idol over to the co-owner, Riley and putting my focus into a fashion line. Fashion graphics are definitely my strong point, and I have thousands of ideas for it. I'm a little stuck with Idol and there are loads of magazines out there, and I don't think it would succeed, so after this issue if the feedback is bad it'll get scrapped.

There are not many fashion lines at the moment, so if I want to do one I think now is the time. People are forgetting about magazines now and I can't blame them really, they aren't as big as before. I will be entering Identité in SFW but if I don't get chosen I'll release it in Sept/Oct.

I will be finishing your graphics but requests are now closed. You cannot request one because I'll have way too much on my plate. Once the list is finished I'll be putting my full attention to this, and obviously I can't post the collection on here because it has to be secret. Spoilers will be posted and the rest will be graphics for myself and hairstyles, clothes etc. The blog won't be as active, but I promise you that I will post!


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